the fanplanners guide to atlanta

Every city has a guide, but ours is special. 

  1. We don't sell advertising or take anything in trade for our recommendations.

  2. We ask a lot of locals and well versed travelers what they think (plus our two cents).

  3. We scour reviews and sites of all kinds (because we love to save you time).

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Hotel Picks

Best Big Box: Marriott Marquis

Best Boutique: The Glenn

Best Buckhead: Grand Hyatt

Best Luxury:  The Mandarin

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Getting Around

Rule #1 - Plan ahead for traffic.

Don't be reluctant to use MARTA. It's a nice system, and pretty easy to navigate. 

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Restaurant Picks

Best for small group: Il Localino Italian

Best Local Flavor:  The Varsity 

Best Sports Bar: Stats

Best Lively Spot: Two Urban Licks

Best Fancy-Schmancy:  Bones

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Tour Picks

Georgia Aquarium

CNN Center Tour

World of Coke


Nightlife Picks

Best for late night:

Best for jazz and drinks

Best for romance

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Shopping Picks

If you like malls: Lennox Square

If you have fat stacks and like malls: Phipps Plaza

Quaint spot: Virginia Highlands