Let's be clear. We are not a small division of one of the big online travel companies. We're better. No offense, billionaires. 


We're creating a community for fans of.....pretty much everything.  Our sole purpose is to make it easier for you to book experiences events of all kinds..and experience them LIVE.


We're not new at this, your "FanPlanners' have been working behind the scenes planning travel for major events for decades. Our technology is stellar (we've been using it for years) and we intend to keep improving the tech and the content. We're powered by STAYKER, a company also owned by our founders. We're fans too, and we're building FanPlans just for you. 

No overpriced pre-packaged weekends with a 'VIP" event in a boring hotel ballroom. You pick every aspect of your trip from tickets to hotels. FanPlans is something made to grow, and as we do we'll continue to leverage the fans buying power for better travel deals. We hope you will join us by simply browsing and of course booking with us - and tell your friends. We think you'll want bragging rights for discovering us first. 

We want your input - what are you a fan of? We're all ears  (literally, one founder was nicknamed "Dumbo" by her sister).  Text us below or chat live with us online (below left).