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Let's do this.

Life is about experiences. Not devices.

It's about being with your friends at that game, or that festival.

It's about seeing that artist.

It's about being in that venue.

It's about taking someone you love to experience something you love.

Oh, and for some it may be about posting pics of you doing all of the above.

We've been working on FanPlans for what seems like forever. We kicked it around, ran it by our friends, talked to influencers, analyzed the numbers, 'whiteboarded it', yada, yada. At some point you have to just make the f'ing leap.

We see this problem clearly: planning to go to your favorite anything can be a pain. You can overspend on some prepackaged deal or you can literally spend days online DIYing it. It's a black hole of searching to find tickets, transportation and a decent hotel (near the venue, check ratings, compare rates, repeat). Now invite the crew along and things quickly spiral into this event being your full time job.

Why does it always feel like you need a professional planner to get there? Because you really do.

That's where FanPlans comes in. WE ARE YOUR PLANNER.

We've built it, it's not perfect (yet) and we're listening to you as we go. We're starting with hand-picked hotels and ground transporation to your favorite events so you can kick back with some of your fellow fans. We're starting with college football (hey, go big or go home). We're throwing in a little crazy racing at epic spots like Talladega and Daytona (again, big). From fights to festivals, hoops to hockey, soccer to the Stones. We're building this for all you fans out there.

One important thing: the deals are only going to get better. We know the travel and event business like no one else and we're going to leverage the hell out of your buying power.

Thanks for checking us out. Now. Let's do this.


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