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Our Hotels

If you are like most people, you typically spend a lot of time shopping around different sites for hotels. Rates are important but so is quality. Ratings are often not something you can rely on so that's more sites, more checking. It's like falling down a black hole of search and you come out an hour later even more confused. It takes way too much time to cut through all the noise online. No bedbugs, no sketchy neighborhoods, no surprises.

What we do is try to do all that research for you. After over 20 years, we know all the brands (Marriott alone has 30 of them). We won't offer any hotel that we wouldn't book for our Mom (hey, it's a good benchmark). So you'll notice some brands may be absent from our site, and we may only offer a few hotels. As we grow we're continuing to build partnerships with hotels we know will deliver, and rates are only going to get better.

Let us know what's important to you when you travel as a fan?


Our Hotels
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